Lash extensions can be time-consuming and expensive, but with this DIY lash clusters tutorial, busy moms like you can achieve a beautiful lash look at home. Say goodbye to the hassle of daily mascara application and hello to effortless glamor with quick and easy lash clusters. In this tutorial, we will guide you through the essential tools and products needed, step-by-step application process, tips for long-lasting results, time-saving hacks, and frequently asked questions. Let's dive in!

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Save Time And Money With DIY Eyelash Clusters

Benefits of DIY Cluster Lash Extensions for Busy Moms

Not sure if DIY cluster eyelashes are for you? Here are some of the top reasons why we swear by them:

  • Easy to apply - With the right tools and products, cluster eyelash extensions are super easy to put on from the privacy of your own home.
  • Saves time - Application takes less than 10 minutes!
  • Saves money - A set of eyelash extensions done by a lash tech can cost at least $100 or more. DIY lash extensions cost a fraction of that.
  • Replaces mascara and eyeliner - The clusters add darkness to your lash line making it look like you have makeup on.
  • Completely customizable - Depending on which lashes you use, you can create lash styles that range from an everyday natural lash to a glam voluminous look!
  • Easy removal - With the help of oil-based glue removers, DIY eyelashes can be removed at home in a matter of minutes.

Essential Tools and Products for DIY Lash Clusters

To achieve flawless DIY lash clusters, you'll need a few essential tools and materials. Here's what you'll need:

Individual Lash Clusters

DIY lashes come in a variety of textures and lengths that can create anything from a light, fluffy look, to a full volume lash look.

DIY Lash Extension Adhesive or Lash Bond

Opt for a high-quality lash adhesive that is safe to use on the skin and provides a strong hold. Most lash bonds will also come with a 'seal' product to lock the false eyelashes in place.

Kiss Falscara Eyelash Bond And Seal

Lash Glue Remover

DIY extension remover is an oil based product. It loosens the bond, making the removal process super quick and gentle.

KISS Falscara Remover for Lash Adhesive

Lash Applicator Tweezers

Get a pair of curved tweezers for precise placement and control.

Pretty Memory Eyelash Applicator Tool DIY Cluster Lash Tweezers


Use small scissors to trim lash clusters to your desired length.

LIVINGO Premium Manicure Scissors


A handheld mirror will help you get a close up look at what you're doing. Bonus if it has a built-in light!

Kintion Pocket Mirror

Eyelash Curler

If you have straight natural lashes, curling them with an eyelash curler will help the lash clusters attach easier.

Wet n Wild High On Lash Eyelash Curler

Cotton Swabs or Micro Applicator Brushes

These will help you remove any excess adhesive or make corrections during the process. Micro applicator brushes are perfect for this because they get into small areas and are lint-free.

Micro Applicator Brushes

Starter Lash Kit

Not sure where to begin? Get everything you need in a starter kit. Our fave is the Kiss Falscara Special Edition Kit.

Kiss Falscara

Tip: Having the right tools and quality products ensures smooth application and long-lasting results.

Step-by-Step Guide to Applying DIY Lash Clusters

Step #1: Preparation and priming of natural lashes

To prepare and prime your natural lashes, start by thoroughly cleansing them with a gentle eye makeup remover, followed by water.

Next, choose the lash clusters you will be using. If needed, trim any excess length from the lash clusters to ensure a comfortable fit.

If you have straight natural lashes, curl your lashes before proceeding. 

Step #2: Prepare your cluster eyelash extensions

With your tweezers, gently remove the lashes you'll be using and place them on a clean surface or tray.

Arrange them side by side like a strip lash until you're happy with how it looks.

Step #3: Bonding lash clusters to your natural lashes

Apply 1-2 thin layers of lash bond near the roots of your natural lashes, and let dry.

Brush lash bond onto the edge of your first last cluster (we like to start with the one that goes onto the inner corner).

With your curved tweezers attach the first lash cluster underneath your natural eyelash line. 

Repeat with the rest of the lashes.

Apply the seal product on the areas with the lash bond to lock in the extensions.

Step #4: Removing DIY false eyelashes

Saturate a cotton pad with extension remover and hold it against your lashes for 10 seconds before wiping down. As the bond breaks down, the lash clusters will come off without pulling at your natural lashes. Once all the extensions are off, wash your eyes with a cleanser to make sure that all the product is off.

Top Tips DIY Lash Clusters

  • Use shorter lashes next to your inner corners to avoid irritation.
  • For a bolder 3D lash look, stack 2 or more layers of lash clusters.
  • Avoiding rubbing your eyes.
  • Don't pick or pull - This can damage your natural lashes!
  • Clean your lashes and eyelids gently with an oil-free cleanser daily.


Don't have time for a fill with your lash artist? Need a quick boost of confidence? DIY lash clusters are where it's at! They are easy to use at home and quick to apply even if you have your hands full with your little ones. If you're a busy mom, treat yourself to this little luxury!


How long do DIY lash clusters typically last?

DIY lash clusters are meant for short-term wear. They should be removed and replaced after a few days of wear. Keeping them on any longer than that can cause damage to your lashes. 

Can I apply mascara to my DIY lash clusters?

You can apply mascara to your DIY lash clusters if you only plan on wearing them for the day. However, the lashes look cleaner and more defined without mascara.

Are DIY lash clusters safe for sensitive eyes?

Yes, DIY lash clusters are a great alternative if you are allergic to eyelash extension glue.

Can I swim or shower with DIY lash clusters?

Yes, you can swim or shower with DIY lash clusters. However, this may cause them to fall out quicker.

How do I remove DIY lash clusters without damaging my natural lashes?

Soak a cotton pad with DIY lash cluster remover and hold it on top of your lashes for 10 seconds. Then gently pull down. If the lash cluster isn't budging, don't rip it out! Keep soaking it with the remover until it comes off easily.

Can I reuse DIY lash clusters?

For sanitary reasons, most DIY lash clusters are single use only. 

What is the difference between individual lash extensions and DIY lash clusters?

An individual lash extension is just one lash. Whereas DIY lash clusters look like a strip lash cut into smaller pieces.

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